2013 was a weird year in music for me. The last albums by My Bloody Valentine, The Knife, and Zomby are some of my all time favorites. I was super excited that they all released new work this year, but the followups were kind of meh, pretty much unlistenable, and just not very good, respectively.

Luckily some really amazing records were released this year. I’m not a music critic, so I’m linking to the review that best summarizes each album for me as well as a representative (not necessarily my favorite) song.

R Plus Seven

Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven

I’ve really liked everything Daniel Lopatin has released as Oneohtrix Point Never, but R Plus Seven is the first album I have loved. Absolutely incredible.

Review: XLR8R
Listen to: Boring Angel


Jon Hopkins - Immunity

When I first heard Immunity I thought it sounded too “techno-y”. Then I listened again, and again, and again. Immunity is a beautiful, mesmerizing album.

Review: XLR8R
Listen to: Collider

Rival Dealer

Burial - Rival Dealer

A long term favorite of mine who snuck in an EP right at the end of the year. There are more of the dark, sparse cityscapes he is known for, but Rival Dealer adds a surprisingly heartfelt and deeply personal narrative this time.

Review: Stereo Gum
Listen to: Rival Dealer


Autechre - Exai

Autechre is my jam band. I can never get enough. I would pay a lot of money for high quality recordings of their shows. I love them. So when they released Exai, a double album, last February I was elated. It is incredible. I’ll be listening to this record for the next 30 years.

Review: ResidentAdvisor
Listen to: prac-f


Time Hecker - Virgins

Tim Hecker turns in a more acoustic direction and the result is an album of incredible depth and space. He keeps getting better with age. I love this record.

Review: Spin
Listen to: Amps, Drugs, Harmonium

Nothing Was The Same

Drake - Nothing Was The Same

There’s some garbage on this album, there’s some funny stuff on this album, and then there is “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. I’ve listened to it multiple times daily since I heard it this summer. It is absolutely brilliant. The best song of the year without question.

Review: Time Yeah I just linked to a hip hop review on Time.
Listen to: Hold On, We’re Going Home

Warning: Whatever you do don’t watch the official video. It’s beyond horrible.